Agenda and decisions

Venue: Lavery Room - City Hall

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Routine Matters






The minutes of the meeting of 12th February were taken as read and signed as correct.  It was reported that those minutes had been adopted by the Council at its meeting on 2nd March.


Declarations of Interest




Visit Belfast - Business Plan 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 174 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee:

      i.        noted the draft Visit Belfast business plan 2020/21 and the areas where Council funds will be invested.  The overall funding requirement for Visit Belfast in the coming financial year has been taken account of in the revenue estimates that have already been approved by the Council; and

     ii.        approved the funding allocation of up to £1,997,465 for 20/21 expenditure, subject to the development of a funding agreement establishing priority areas of activity and agreed targets.



Growing Businesses and the Economy


Future City Centre Programme – Sundays in the City pdf icon PDF 330 KB


The Committee:


i.     noted the engagement process undertaken, in line with the Committee’s decision of 11th September 2019, as amended by the Council on 1st October 2019;


ii.    noted the issues and viewpoints expressed in the course of the engagement process, as set out in sections 3.8-3.12 of the report; and


iii.   noted the options presented in section 3.13 in the reprt and agreed to the following:  


·                  Option 3:  Do not support the designation of the city centre as a holiday resort, in line with the legislation as set out in the The Shops (Sunday Trading &c.) (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 but develop a programme of cultural animation and an associated marketing programme. Subject to agreement on this option, a report setting out the proposed animation programme and the associated budgetary implications will be brought back to a future meeting of this Committee.



Growing the Economy Programme of Work 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 216 KB


The Committee:


  1. noted the Council’s performance and contribution to delivering against Belfast Agenda ambitions to grow the Belfast economy, focusing on Starting a Business; Growing a Business and Investing in Belfast; and

     ii.        approved the 2020/21 Work Plan to support the delivery of these ambitions, as set out below in sections 3.4-3.14, including the associated budget commitments.


Working and Learning: Programme of Work 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 229 KB


The Committee:


  1. noted the work undertaken in the financial year to date, as set out in sections 3.3-3.9 of the report;
  2. approved the 2020/21 Work Plan and associated budget of £1,239,250 to support the delivery of the Working and Learning strands of the Belfast Agenda, as set out in sections 3.10-3.22; and

    iii.        noted the ongoing development work being undertaken with key partners through governance structures including; the Belfast Agenda Working & Learning Board, BRCD Employability and Skills Steering Group and Employability NI Programme Board.


Regenerating Places and Improving Infrastructure


East Belfast Translink Depot – Outcome of Site Search Process pdf icon PDF 251 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee:


1.            noted the findings of the site search process; and

2.            agreed that the Council writes to the Minister for Infrastructure requesting that the findings of the site search and the operational requirements of Translink are given further consideration in the context of the impact of the current depot location on neighbouring residential amenity.


Update on City Centre Revitalisation Programme pdf icon PDF 267 KB


The Committee noted:


i.      the progress on the City Revitalisation Programme;

ii.     the status of the Bank Buildings cordon; and

iii.    the future governance structures and procedures to deliver the Regeneration Task Force (RTF) Action Plan.



Response to Department for Infrastructure Transport Consultations pdf icon PDF 324 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee agreed the draft response to consultations and agreed submission to the Department for Infrastructure, subject to the Department being asked that consideration be given to a segregated cycling infrastructure in Bedford Street.


Inner North West Masterplan Action Plan pdf icon PDF 172 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee:


   i.           noted the engagement carried out to date to produce the draft Action Plan (appendix 2); and

  ii.           approved the emerging draft Action Plan prior to finalisation.



Positioning Belfast to Compete


Culture, Tourism and Events Workplan 2020/21


The Committee noted that this item had been withdrawn from the agenda.


Finance, Procurement and Performance


Financial Reporting 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 161 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee noted the report and the associated financial reporting pack.


Belfast Zoo - Update on Performance pdf icon PDF 405 KB


The Committee to noted the Zoo’s performance for the period October – December, 2019 and that future reports include more detailed information in relation to income/expenditure.


Issues Raised in Advance by Members


Review of the Belfast Bikes Scheme (Councillor O'Hara)


The Committee agreed that, as part of the current strategic review of the Belfast Bikes Scheme, consideration be given to granting free access to young people 25 years of age and under to the scheme.


Matters referred back from Council Meeting


Draft Belfast Off-Street Parking Order pdf icon PDF 438 KB

To consider further the minute of the meeting of 12thFebruary, under the heading “Draft Belfast Off-Street Parking Order”, which has been referred back to the Committee to allow for discussions to take place with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust around the impact of the proposed arrangements for the car parks in Westminster Avenue East, West and North upon the Holywood Arches Health Centre (extract of minute attached).


The Committee agreed to affirm its decision to approve the revised draft Order for public consultation.


A City Imagining Investment Programme - Cultural Multi Annual Grants pdf icon PDF 198 KB

To consider further the minute of the meeting of 26thFebruary, under the heading “A City Imagining Investment Programme – Cultural Multi-Annual Funding”, relating specifically to the decisions around the capacity building programme set out within points iv. and v. (extract of minute attached).