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PLEASE NOTE that, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, meetings of Committees are not currently taking place.

In accordance with the authority delegated to her by the Council on 16th March, 2020, and the procedure issued for the transaction of business, the Chief Executive will apply the following Standing Order.

“Standing Order 41

In the event of any civil emergency or any situation in which urgent actions are required and it is either not reasonably practicable to convene a meeting of Committee or Council, or if any such meetings if called is inquorate, the Chief Executive or any Chief Officer nominated by her may exercise all or any of the functions of the Council excepting those which are reserved to the Council pursuant to Section 7 of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014. Any decisions taken pursuant to this Standing Order will be reported to the relevant Committee or Council at the next available meeting. This Standing Order is to be read in conjunction with paragraph 2.3 of the Scheme of Delegation.”

Further information in relation to the Planning Committee can be found by clicking on the link to meetings below and scrolling to the end of the meetings list.

This page lists all our committees from June 1997

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