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            The Deputy Chief Executive submitted the summons convening the meeting.




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            Apologies for inability to attend were reported from Councillors Hutchinson, McAllister and McMullan.



Declarations of interest

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            No declarations of interest were reported.



Consideration of the events at Roselawn Cemetery and Crematorium on Tuesday, 30th June, 2020 and a decision on the steps which should now be taken

This request relates to a requisition received.


Signed by:


Alderman George Dorrian

Alderman Tom Haire

Councillor David Brooks

Councillor Fred Cobain

Councillor John Hussey


Additional documents:


The Lord Mayor explained that a requisition had been received from five Members seeking to have the following motion discussed:


Moved by Alderman Dorrian,

Seconded by Councillor Mulholland,


“This Council recognises the public anger over the disparity in the arrangements permitted for grieving families at Roselawn Cemetery & Crematorium on Tuesday 30th June.


This Council recognises the clear public perception that special treatment was given to one family while others were denied the right to attend the cremations of their loved ones. We wish to record our sincerest apologies to the families affected, this is a situation which should never have been allowed to happen.


Accordingly, this council:-


agrees to commission an independent person to investigate this situation and to provide a written report to the council;


further agrees that its officers will identify a suitably independent person to draft the terms of reference in consultation with councillors, and that those terms of reference will be subject to the approval of full council; and


directs its officers to provide that independent person with all relevant and necessary documents (including, but not limited to, emails and CCTV footage) which are within their possession, custody or power.”


            On a recorded vote thirty-six Members voted for the motion and twenty-one no votes, and it was declared carried.


For 36


The Lord Mayor (Alderman McCoubrey); The Deputy Lord Mayor (Councillor McCusker); The High Sheriff (Councillor Verner);

Aldermen Copeland, Dorrian, Haire, Kingston, Rodgers and Sandford; and Councillors Brooks, Bunting, Cobain, De Faoite, Flynn, Groogan, Hanvey, Heading, Howard, Hussey, M. Kelly, T. Kelly, Kyle, Long, Lyons, McCullough, McDonough-Brown, McKeown, McReynolds, Mulholland, Newton, Nicholl, O’Hara, Pankhurst, Smyth, Spratt and Whyte.

Against 0


No Vote 21


Councillors D. Baker,

S. Baker, Beattie, Black, Canavan, Carson, Matt Collins, Michael Collins, Corr, Donnelly, Ferguson, Garrett, Gormley, Groves, Magee, Magennis, Maskey, McAteer, McLaughlin, Murphy and Walsh.


            The Council further agreed that the Council would make no further comment on the matter, given that an investigation would now be taking place.