Agenda and minutes

Venue: Lavery Room - City Hall

Contact: Eilish McGoldrick, Democratic Services Officer 

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Apologies were reported on behalf of Councillors I. McLaughlin, McDonough-Brown and Walsh.  


Declarations of Interest


            No Declarations of Interest were reported.



Restricted Items - Presentations


            The information contained in the report associated with the following three items was restricted in accordance with Part 1 of Schedule 6 of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014.


      Resolved – That the Committee agrees to exclude the members of the press and public from the meeting during discussion of the following four items as, due to the nature of the items, there would be a disclosure of exempt information as described in Section 42(4) and Section 6 of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014.



Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan (Department for Infrastructure)


            The Chairperson introduced Mr. A. Rafferty, Project Manager, representing the Department for Infrastructure, and Mr. D. Murray, Project Manager, representing Atkins, to the Committee and they were admitted to the meeting.


            Mr. Rafferty provided an overview of the Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan (BMTP) 2035, which included:


        Background of the BMTP;

        Overview of approach;

        Delivery timescales and phasing;

        BMTP Launch;

        Draft Vision, Objectives and Guiding Principles; and

        Ongoing work


            During discussion, the representatives answered a range of questions regarding the links to the Belfast Cycle Network, further consultation, timelines and budgets.


            In response to a Member’s question in relation to the important connections between the BMTP and Council’s Local Development Plan, Mr. Rafferty agreed to receive further technical questions from the Committee for response. 


            They explained further the multi-mode travel options, the policies to promote modal shits and active travel options.


            One Member suggested that a presentation to the West Belfast Partnership Board would be beneficial.


            After discussion, the Chairperson thanked Mr. Rafferty and Mr. Murray for their attendance and they retired from the meeting.


            The Committee noted the information which had been provided and that, where relevant, the representatives would provide further information on the issues raised.



Queen's Island Transport Plan (Belfast Harbour Commissioners and Titanic Quarter Limited)


            The Chairperson welcomed Mr. J. O’Neill and. Mr. T. Anderson, representing Belfast Harbour, and Mr K. Craig, representing Titanic Quarter Limited, to the Committee.


            Mr. O’Neill presented the Queen’s Island Transport Plan. He stated that the Titanic Quarter and Belfast Harbour had set out a bold vision to transform Queen’s Island into an iconic waterfront destination, a thriving place to live, work and visit.


            The representatives provided a summary of the plan which included: Background information, Vision and purpose; Generating economic value; Creating impactful social value; Aligned and exceeding policy; Extensive consultation; Strategic measures; Developer measures; and Monitoring and governance arrangements


            During Members Questions, the representatives provided further detail on accessibility, social value and opportunities the QITP might bring, together with engagement with the local communities. Mr. O’Neill provided details of the intended housing to be built and the importance of sustainability to the development.


            Mr. O’Neill explained further the opportunities for future apprenticeships and academies and its links with the Belfast Metropolitan College.


            One Member advised that the Newtownards Road Development Plan Local Action Group would welcome a meeting with the representatives to discuss the Plan.


            After discussion, the Chairperson thanked the representatives for their attendance and they retired from the meeting.


            The Committee noted the information which had been provided.



Giants Park Limited


            The Chairperson introduced Mr. K. Carlin, representing Carlin Planning, and Ms. N. Isles, representing the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), to the Committee and they were admitted to the meeting.


            Mr. Carlin provided a brief overview of the Giant’s Park proposed scheme located on a 250-acre (former landfill) landmark development site 3 kms from Belfast City Centre.


            He explained that the vision for Giant’s Park was to create a visitor experience in Belfast through a combination of commercial, leisure, sporting and mixed-use development, organised into a series of key hubs, each of which would provide a range of activities and attractions.


            Mr. Carlin presented a summary of the Master Plan and its guiding principles and explained the proposals for the logistics and distribution hub.


            Ms Isles described the Welcome Hub and Adventure Park’s vision and mission, together with the key audience groups and benefits of the proposal.


            During discussion, Mr. Carlin answered a range of questions in relation to the timeline and funding of the development, its infrastructure and the proposed connectivity of the scheme.


            Ms. Isles advised that engagement had been undertaken in regard to outdoor classrooms and Forest Schools.


            In response to a Member’s question regarding the potential for apprenticeships of the Scheme, especially with the communities located close to the Scheme. The Director of Economic Development confirmed that work was being undertaken with the Council’s employability and skills programme in terms of the adjacent communities.


            The Committee noted the information which had been provided.



Standing Order 14 - Submission of Minutes


            In accordance with Standing Order 14, the Committee agreed, as the meeting had been held later than seven clear days before the meeting of the Council, that the minutes of the meeting be submitted to the Council on 3rd July for ratification.