Agenda and minutes

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            Apologies for inability to attend were reported from Alderman Copeland and Councillors Cobain and M. Kelly.



Declarations of Interest


            No declarations of interest were recorded.



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            The information contained in the following report is restricted in accordance with Part 1 of Schedule 6 of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014.



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Remuneration for the Non-Executive Directors and the Chairman of the BWUH Ltd. Board


            The Managing Director of BWUH Ltd. provided the Committee with an overview of the comparative sources which had been used to determine the proposed increases in remuneration for the Non-Executive Directors and the Chairman of the BWUH Board. 


            A number of Members expressed concerns at the percentage increases which were proposed.


            The Managing Director explained that, in order to attract and retain the people with the required skills, the company would have to pay the market rate for similar sized businesses.  She emphasised that it was a commercial business and that she required the Shareholder Committee’s support in order that she could continue to meet the objectives of the Business.


            A Member suggested a number of ways in which the Board members could undertake a number of additional duties in order to justify the proposed increases, and to encourage more frequent interaction between the BWUH Board and the Shareholders’ Committee.


            After discussion it was


            Proposed by Alderman Haire and

            Seconded by Councillor McAteer


       That the remuneration be increased for the Non-Executive Directors from £5,000 per annum to £8,000 per annum, and for the Chairman from £10,000 to £18,000 per annum on the basis that:

1.      the number of days work expected per Board Member be increased from 12 days to 24 days per annum;

2.      Board Members, including the Chairman, be encouraged to attend the Shareholders’ Committee meetings on occasion;

3.      the Committee meets at the ICC Belfast at a future date, in order to meet both the Board and staff members; and

4.      the Equality Commission’s report on staff within the business be presented to the Committee for its consideration.


            On a vote by show of hands, eight Members voted for the proposal and one against and it was accordingly declared carried.