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This page lists the meetings for City Growth and Regeneration Committee.


Information about City Growth and Regeneration Committee

The City Growth and Regeneration Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of strategies, policies, programmes and projects directed to the regeneration and growth of the city in the context of the outcomes agreed in the community and corporate plans and other corporate strategy. 


This includes:-


       Influencing and contributing to regional regeneration and growth strategies and activities

       Developing and implementing city-wide economic strategies and policies

       Managing and maximising the impact of major physical developments in the city

       Coordinating and promoting major city wide events

       Sourcing and providing support to attract and utilise European and other grants which contribute to the growth of the city

       Providing support for economic development initiatives

       Supporting the development of culture, heritage and the arts

       Working with other agencies to promote Belfast as a key investment and tourism opportunity

       Developing programmes and actions to support local businesses and attract inward investment

       Managing the Council’s markets and maximising their benefit to the city

       Influencing and contributing to strategies and policies affecting skills, employability, transportation and energy in the City

       Overseeing the delivery of the following services

Economic Development, Urban Development, Tourism, Culture and Arts, European and  International Relations, City Markets, City Events, Belfast Castle, Malone House, Belfast Zoo and the transferring car parks