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            The Committee was advised that the application sought to revise a previously approved application, Z/2014/1774/F, to include a new 510 seat Football Stand and Clubhouse behind the goals at the west of the site, with a new Standing Terrace proposed along the side of the pitch with two toilet blocks also located within the site.  The Members were advised that the proposal included the removal of the existing terrace standing area.


            The case officer explained that the extant approval was for a new clubhouse and tiered seating area, a 200 seat stand, alteration to existing standing area, a new 3G surface to existing pitches including floodlights, dugouts, fencing, security tower, turnstiles, toilet blocks and associated ground works.


            She advised the Committee that the main issues for assessment in the proposed development included the impact on residential amenity, on access and parking, on open/recreational space and on natural heritage.


            The Members were advised that sixteen objections had been received, raising issues around a number of technical matters around the planning fee, the Council’s interest in the application, neighbour notification, parking issues, noise/nuisance and whether it should be treated as a “Major application”.


            The case officer highlighted to the Members that the site was not zoned or designated in the Belfast Urban Area Plan (BUAP) and that it was designated as a local landscape policy area with regard to local amenity importance and are of local nature conservation interest in the draft Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan (dBMAP).


            She explained that the proposal did not result in the loss of existing open space and therefore did not conflict with Policy OS1 of PPS8.  The Committee was also advised that the proposal also complied with the policy test of Policy OS4 of PPS8 in respect of Intensive Sports Facilities in relation to residential amenity, built/natural heritage, archaeology, design, access/mobility and roads issues, including access and parking.  She added that there were also no issues with drainage or contamination.


            The Committee was advised that the application sought to provide 216 parking spaces on site.  She explained that an updated Transport Assessment Form (TAF) had been submitted and the Department for Infrastructure had been consulted further.  The case officer advised that DfI Roads had not responded but, if they did submit an objection, the application would be brought back to the Committee.


            The case officer explained that the current proposal had a spectator capacity for 509 visitors lower than the existing development, and 703 lower than the extant approval.  She explained that Environmental Health had requested a Noise Impact Assessment which had concluded that there would be a low impact at residential premises.  The Committee noted that they had no objections subject to conditions relating to the hours of operation.


            She explained to the Committee that, in accordance with Section 41 of the Planning Act (NI) 2011, there were no neighbours identified to be notified of the application.


            The Committee granted approval to the application, subject to the imposing of the conditions set out within the case officer’s report and delegated power to the Director of Planning and Building Control for the final wording of the conditions.


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