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Permission granted subject to conditions as set out in the case officer’s report with authority delegated to the Director of Planning and Building Control to finalise the wording of those conditions. Authority is also delegated to the Director to finalise the Section 76 Planning Agreement as set out in the case officer’s report.


1.    There are no statutory objections in respect of the application and suggested conditions are incorporated into the permission.

2.    The proposed development is not inconsistent with zonings in either DBMAP or BUAP.

3.    Height scale and massing are considered acceptable. Increased height of some elements from those in a previous extant approval are not considered significant and add to visual appeal of the building. The UDO has considered the proposal as acceptable and respecting neighbouring properties through appropriate stepping which breaks up the massing.

4.    Design, layout and materials are considered acceptable. Whilst some concern has been articulated regarding the amenity space provision and the inclusion of balcony space, it is noted that the proposed development is in very close proximity to Musgrave Park and enhanced access for prospective residents will be a feature of the Planning Agreement through a financial contribution. Council through its policy commitments aspires to improved environmental conditions that would permit greater enjoyment of the balcony space in respect of which issue was taken and whilst issues properly raised may impact on the  benefit of this space for prospective residents it represents amenity space nonetheless, albeit with some limitations. Additional amenity space is available within the proposed development as set out in the case officer report.

5.    Impact on surrounding area and amenity of surrounding property is considered acceptable with no adverse impact on existing employment uses. The loss of a warehouse within the subject site is assessed correctly as bringing appropriate community benefit in terms of job creation, regeneration and the provision of accommodation.

6.    Whilst for technical reasons policy guidance relating to minimum space standards may not apply, the unit sizes appear to be in broad conformity with those that are set out.

7.    For the reasons set out in the case officer report the policy requirements related to tourism, insofar as applicable to the proposed development, are met. The hotel will give access to the west of the City supporting access to community tourism venues, places of interest, Colin Glen Forest park and the proposed Casement Park Stadium.

8.    Air quality –modelling suggests nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter will not exceed standards at the receptor sites modelled with a condition to be included within the permission relating to combustion processes for heating to be adequately assessed.

9.    Noise- relevant issues have been addressed in the context of applicable standards and appropriate mitigation and requirements are set out in the proposed conditions that will attach to the permission.

10.  Infrastructure- roads and other associated issues are addressed in the case officer report and the proposed conditions attaching to the permission are considered appropriate. NI  Water has, not without some apparent hesitation, confirmed capacity after the applicant referred to the extant permission for a similar development at this location. It is noted that NIW assessment of capacity must therefore take account of previous undeveloped permissions in which capacity was not raised as an issue.

11.  Members of the Planning Committee have been consulted and are, by a majority, supportive of approval


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