Agenda item


            The Committee was reminded that, at its meeting on 18th June, it had been agreed that the annual allocation of £500k for the Summer Community Diversionary Festival Programme be retained, with a view to delivering the Programme later in the year.


            The Committee was reminded further that the Council, at its meeting on 1st July, had agreed that:


“due to the exceptional circumstances of this year and the fact that it is now July, that the open call for the Summer Community Diversionary Festival Programme is suspended for this year only.  The funding, which is already included in the annual budget, is allocated to the same groups which were awarded funding following the open call in 2019, with the same amount again being ear-marked for each.  These groups will be required to submit application forms which will be subject to due diligence, the application process will be opened to these groups immediately, that there be no fixed closing date so that applications can be assessed as they come in and funding awarded.  Mindful that of the fact that some, though not all, events are planned for August, authority be delegated to the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee to hold a special Committee meeting on 2nd August to approve grants for those applications approved by then.  All planned events obviously must be compliant with Covid restrictions at the time, with the use of Council Parks for approved events in August granted, if required, and that call-in on this matter be suspended.”


            The Director of City Services informed the Members that, whilst the diversionary and festival fund was a rolling programme for 2021/22, officers had stipulated deadline dates for the submission of applications, to ensure that there was sufficient time for a preliminary assessment in advance of them being presented to the Committee. She confirmed that the only application which had been received by the latest deadline date of 10th September related to The Hubb, which had requested funding of £44,051.50. If approved, the Hubb’s allocation would be capped at £44,000, which was the maximum amount which could be awarded for this project.


            She provided details of the project and the assessment score and confirmed that, if approved, officers would provide the applicant with a funding agreement and terms of grant, similar to that which had been issued in 2019. There was, however, the potential, based on the final documentation submitted, for changes to be made to the proposed programme and/or a reduction in funding to ensure compliance with the relevant Council policies and procedures.


            The Director added that, since all those groups which had received funding in 2019 had submitted an application for 2021, there would be no requirement for further submission dates.


After discussion, it was


Moved by Alderman Kingston,

Seconded by Councillor Pankhurst,


      That the Committee agrees to allocate up to a maximum of £44,000 to The Hubb to deliver its community diversionary festivals programme.


            On a vote, thirteen Members voted for the proposal and six against and it was declared carried. 


            The Committee agreed also:


                                i        that, in accordance with Standing Order 48 (a) (2) (c), the aforementioned decision would not be subject to call-in, on the basis that an unreasonable delay could be prejudicial to the Council’s or the public’s interest;


                              ii        that, in compliance with existing Council polices and the use of the Council’s parks and open spaces, the decision to allocate funding to The Hubb would remain subject to the negotiation of satisfactory terms and conditions of use, including any relevant fees, via an appropriate legal agreement to be prepared by the City Solicitor, including managing final booking confirmation dates and flexibility around ‘set up’ and take down’ periods, and booking amendments, subject to:


·        the applicant resolving any operational issues to the Council’s satisfaction;


·        compliance with the Covid-19 restrictions in place at the time of the event(s); and


·        the applicant complying with all relevant statutory licencing requirements.