Agenda item


The Committee:


·        approved the public advertisement of tenders, as per Standing Order 37a, as detailed in Table 1 below;


·        approved the modification of the contract, as per Standing Order 37a, as detailed in Table 2 below; and


·        noted the award of retrospective Single Tender Actions, in line with Standing Order 55 exceptions, as detailed in Table 3 below.





Table 1: Competitive Tenders


Title of Tender

Proposed Contract Duration

Estimated Total Contract Value


Short description of goods / services

Test and Train environment for the Customer Hub telephony environment

Up to 3 months


R Cregan

At present, there is only a ‘live’ system and there is no capability to test new functions, and train new users without considerable risk to ‘live’.

Cloud backup services for Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics users

Up to 3 years


R Cregan

The default backup and recovery functions provided by Microsoft are severely limited.  This presents a significant risk to Council data should data be lost or corrupted.  This project seeks to overcome this and bring the Office/Dynamics environment in line with the existing on-premises backup protection as agreed by SP&R.

Planned preventative maintenance to thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) including minor remedial repairs at various Council properties

Up to 5 years


S Grimes

Statutory compliance requirement

PEACE IV Traveller Support - Capacity Building Project

Up to 8 months


R Black

To meet deliverables with the PEACE IV Programme and BPR5 Traveller project.

Rescope of project is required following nil submissions to previous tender competitions

Consultancy services to undertake analysis, evaluation and provide financial assurance to the Council in respect of land and site proposals

Up to 1 year


A Reid

Suitably qualified professional consultancy required to progress the Strategic Sites Assessment and Belfast Destination Hub work-streams and aligned with the Covid-19 Recovery Plan. Replacement tender for T2135 using new Crown Commercial Service framework



Table 2: Modification to Contract Term


Title of Contract





T1911 - Administration and provision of a suite of First-aid training courses for delivery to Council staff (including organisations delivering Services for and on behalf of the Council)

Up to 3 years

Additional 6 months

J Walsh


T2013 - Provision of technical expertise to support the development of the Employability and Skills Programme for the Belfast Region City Deal

Up to 2 years

Additional 3 months

R Cregan

Locus Management

T2135 - Consultancy services to undertake analysis, evaluation and provide financial assurance to the Council in respect of real estate proposals

Up to 6 months

Additional 6 months (Retrospective approval May 21 to Nov 21)

A Reid

Cushman and Wakefield

T2181 - Development of economic strategy for Belfast - Position Belfast and BCC in context of emerging regional strategy positions


Up to 1 year

Requesting term be amended to include a further 7-month extension option.

A Reid

Tender not yet awarded. Previously approved in May 2021 for a period of 5 months.




Table 3: Retrospective Single Tender Actions


Title of Contract





New automated staff gate at Belfast Zoo

Up to 5 weeks


S Grimes

Methodology M&E




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