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The Building Control Manager reported that an application had been received from Hollywood Bowl for the provisional grant of an Amusement Permit which would consist of a 20-lane bowling alley, a licenced American diner style restaurant and bar and an amusement zone comprising of 12 amusement with prizes gaming machines with a maximum cash prize of £8.00, 64 amusement machines and four pool tables. 


He informed the Members that, as the application did not include machines with a maximum cash prize of £25.00, admission would not be restricted to persons aged 18 years old or over and that the proposed opening hours were Monday to Saturday from 9am to 1am, and Sunday from 9am to 12am. 


He pointed out that no representations had been received in response to a public notice of the application and that both the PSNI and NIFRS had no objections to the application.  He added that a Building Regulations application had been submitted for alterations to the premises and that, should the Committee be minded to provisionally grant the application, the permit would not be declared final until all works had been completed and compliant with the Building Regulations.


The Building Control Manager outlined the evaluation of the application against the criteria contained within the Council’s Amusement Permit Policy and stated that he did not consider the permit application to be contrary to the objectives and criteria of the policy.


The Committee agreed to grant the permit provisionally and to delegate authority to the Director of Planning and Building Control to issue the final permit on completion of all technical requirements. 


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