Agenda item


            The Committee:


·        approved the public advertisement of tenders, as per Standing Order 37a, as detailed in Table 1 below;


·        approved the award of Single Tender Actions, in line with Standing Order 55 exceptions, as detailed in Table 2 below; and


·        approved the modification of the contracts, as per Standing Order 37a, as detailed in Table 3 below;



Table 1: Competitive Tenders

Title of Tender

Proposed Contract Duration

Estimated Total Contract Value


Short description of goods / services

Daisy Telephone service provision, Calls / Lines / Broadband

Up to 12 months


P. Gribben

The corporate telephony solution requires that all devices and users have ongoing service provision.


Professional contractor to engagement, management and physical delivery of the international residency project in partnership with British Council

*Previously approval Aug 2022 for 18 months but now reviewed duration is 24 months

Up to 24 months


J. Greer

The project requires a local delivery organisation to work with BCC producer to identify the 4-5 local locations, partner with local organisation in the area, and oversee and administer the 5 residencies of the artists visiting NI.


Supply, delivery and fitting of hydraulic hoses on vehicles and mobile plant

Up to 3 years


C. Matthews

This is a specialist service which cannot be carried out in-house.


To supply Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil bulk fuel (HVO) which has up to 85/90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for daily fleet usage from the Duncrue Complex

Up to 4 years


C. Matthews

To ensure that the Council’s vehicles based at Duncrue Complex use the lowest carbon fuel available on its transition journey to achieving a zero net carbon output by 2030/2040/2050 through low carbon fuels, new technologies and new vehicles.


Supply of summer and winter bedding plants

Up to 3 years


D. Sales

Annual floral displays across the City.


Supply and delivery of litter pickers tools for Stores

Up to 3 years


S. Grimes

Litter pickers tools required to support in house teams/ operatives.


Regeneration Framework

Up to 2 years


C. Reynolds

Commission of services to produce Regeneration Framework inc. housing led and place-based regeneration, funding advocacy proposition and programme level business cases for the Council.


Installation of wireless digital connectivity network infrastructure in three rooms in City Hall

Up to 18 months


J. Tully

A wireless digital connectivity network is required to support the Council’s Augment the City programme and related digital projects.


Provision of Parking Enforcement for 8 Local Authorities in Northern Ireland


Up to 9 years



(BCC spend - £2,25m over 9 years)

S. Toland

Off Street Car Parking enforcement contract and associated services for the efficient management for 8 local authorities across Northern Ireland. BCC is conducting joint procurement exercise on behalf of 8 local authorities.


Retail catering and small/medium sized event catering at Belfast Castle and Malone House

Up to 5 years


£6m (Estimated potential revenue for the Contractor)

J. Greer

To provide retail catering (i.e. café/restaurant) and small/ medium sized event catering at Belfast Castle and Malone House.




Table 2: Single Tender Actions



Total Value




Retail catering and small/medium sized event catering at Belfast Castle and Malone House

Up to 1 year

£1.2m (Estimated potential revenue for the Contractor)

J. Greer

This STA will ensure that the venues are re-opened for business as soon as possible whilst an open procurement exercise is conducted.




Table 3: Modification to Contract

Title of Contract






T1980a Enterprise Pathway Programme

Up to 3 years

Additional 8 weeks

J. Greer

An extension would allow participants to get full benefit of mentoring hours allocated. This would also provide additional time to complete all necessary monitoring and vouching required in good time prior to financial year end.

North City Business Centre

ITT 34620 - MTC for repair and planned maintenance of small engineering and metalwork

Up to 3 years

Additional 3 months

S. Grimes

To allow the unit to update the tender documentation as part of a new procurement exercise.


This will ensure the incumbent contractor can continue to carry out essential services until the new contract is in place.


WJM Building Services Ltd.

T1990(b) Cinematography for PEACE IV Programme Services

Up to 37 months

Additional 2 months

D. Sales

This extension will allow for all filming to be captured fully to allow the final programme clips to include footage from all aspects of the programme.

The Contract was uplifted in October 2020 by £2,920 for voiceover and still images.

The Contract was extended/modified to cover 1st January 2022 to 31st October 2022 and included an uplift of £5,720.00 with approval by the Committee in December 2021.


Morrow Communications

T2203 PEACE IV Youth Engagement & Civic Education Project

Up to 13 months

Additional 2 months and £16,000

D. Sales

There has been significant delay with the project progressing due to recent interruptions due to staff testing positive for COVID.  These additional two months would further help with project delivery and the achievement of the agreed targets.

Youth Link NI

T1846 Collection and Treatment of Mixed Waste Materials – Timber and Hard Plastics

T2006 Collection and reuse/recycling of Plasterboard

T1896 Collection and Treatment of Paints and Varnishes

Up to 50 months

Additional 3 months and £125,000

C Matthews


A new tender process (T2310) which, is an amalgamation of three separate contracts listed, is currently under evaluation process.  There is a delayed due to the necessary clarification of responses provided by the seven bidders, including social value responses.  An extension is requested to ensure a thorough evaluation process is carried out.


T1846MacNabb Bros and

R. Heatrick Ltd

T2006MacNabb Bros

T1896 Irish Waste Services