Agenda item


            The Committee approved and adopted the minutes of the meeting of the Shared City Partnership of 5th December, including the recommendations:






·        to note the update on the Secretariat activity associated with the implementation of the PEACE IV Local Action Plan.


CYP3: On the Right Track


·        to note that this contract remained at risk and that all measures were being pursued to address the under-delivery and current status of project.




·        to note the revised budgets indicating delivery to February, 2023 and to extend the Finance Officer and Programme Manager roles and the salary increase to March, 2023.




·        to note the update on the Building Positive Relations theme of the PEACE IV Local Action Plan and agree:




·        in principle, to extend the Finance Officer and Programme Manager roles to early March 2023 to ensure that all documentation could be submitted and verified to allow achievement of a successful closure process within the timeframe of the Council’s Letter of Offer; and


·        to note the decision of the delivery partner not to continue with the East Belfast Network for the reasons set out in the report.


BPR 3 - Local Action Plan Projects

·        to note that all projects had been completed in November; and


·        to note the two remaining study visits which the Council was tasked to deliver would not be achieved.



·        to note that this project would complete at the end of November, with a small, localised event planned to capture completion of the leadership programme and overall completion of the project.


BPR 5 - Traveller

·        to note that the final event had been cancelled due to low commitment to attend and that the collective exhibition artworks would be showcased in the new year at a central location.


BPR 6 St. Comgall’s

·        to agree that the extension approved in November to 31st January 2023, to allow for changes to materials to be implemented, be instead processed through to 28th February 2023 for prudence (this was within the original contract terms (a contract renewal));


BPR Cinematography Project

·        to approve an extension to 28th February to allow all filming to be captured for projects which had been extended (SSS, NIHE projects).


·        to note that the Peace IV Programme Officer would liaise with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive in respect of a specific Building Positive Relations programme date.




·        to note the update on the Shared Spaces and Services theme of the PEACE IV Local Action Plan, including:


Narratives/Interpretative Panel – Mediation NI


·      to note that the contact hours achievement level was to be discussed and agreed with the Special EU Programmes Body;

       Youth Civic Education – Youth Link NI


·        to note an extension of the Youth Civic Education project to 28th February 2023;


·        to note the additional/alternative activity for schools (Crumlin Road Gaol) and day trips;


·        to agree a possible contract uplift of no more than 10% (£16,000) subject to the submission of a budget breakdown and availability of support within the SSS programme budget; and


·        to note that delegated authority had been given to the CYP Chair and the BPR Chair to agree the finalised contract uplift, subject to the above confirmation.




Good Relations Audit


·        to note that any comments on the draft Good Relations Audit were to be submitted to Mr. Peter Osborne by 14th December, 2022; and


·        to note that a finalised Audit and draft 2023/24 Good Relations Action Plan would be submitted to the Partnership meeting in January, prior to submission to The Executive Office.


BCC 7 Interfaces Programme


·        to award funding under the BCC7 Interfaces Programme within the Council’s Good Relations Action Plan, as follows:


·        Lower Oldpark Community Association - £4,927 towards its NOW (Neighbours Over the Wall) programme; and


·        Limestone United Football Club - £1,000 towards a youth engagement programme.




·        to note the update on recent activity around the development of the PEACE PLUS 1.1. Co-designed Local Community Peace Action Plan for Belfast


·        to agreed that Stage 1 facilitated engagement process be closed, as outlined in the report;


·        to note the feedback on the process for finalising the Stage 1 report; and


·        to approve the general process for commencing Stage 2 for developing the local action plan.


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