Agenda item


            The Director of City and Organisational Strategy submitted the following report:


“1.0     Purpose of Report


1.1       To present to the Committee the draft corporate improvement objectives for 2023-24 and to seek approval for these to be issued for public consultation, in line with our statutory performance duty obligations. 


2.0       Recommendation


2.1       The Committee is asked to agree the draft improvement objectives for 2023-24 and, subject to any amendments, approve their issue for public consultation in line with statutory guidance. The proposed improvement objectives for 2023-24 are as follows:   

Our Services and Facilities

Maintain and where appropriate improve resident satisfaction with the council and the services and facilities that we provide

Our Communities

Improve our local areas and enhance how we engage and support residents so everyone can enjoy good quality of life. 

Our Economy

Help small businesses, including social enterprises and co-operatives, to develop and grow, and by doing so, help create opportunities for local jobs and employment. 

Our Environment

Help tackle climate change, protect our environment, and improve the sustainability of Belfast.

  Our City

Revitalise our city and help it to innovate in an inclusive and sustainable way.






























3.0       Key Issues


3.1       We have a statutory duty to agree improvement objectives and produce an annual improvement plan, which must be published by 30th June each year.  The Improvement plan does not represent everything that council plans to do, but instead focuses on a smaller set of key improvement priorities, as informed by resident priorities and evidenced by need.  


3.2       Since 2021-22, we have grouped our improvements objectives under the headings of: Our Services, Our Communities, Our Economy, Our Environment, and Our City. This framework provides a balanced approach to selecting improvements that resonates with our residents. We have therefore retained this format for the year ahead. However, this year, we have also sought to make the improvement plan more user-friendly, streamlining the language and focusing on outward facing council activity to create a clearer alignment between our improvement aims, actions and indicators.  Members should note that our longer term strategic or partnership improvement work will continue to be monitored through the corporate plan or Belfast Agenda. 


3.3       During the public consultation, we will work with departments to develop detailed actions, milestones and performance indicators and factor in public feedback. Indicative areas of activity have been included for illustration and are attached.


            Next Steps


3.4       Councils are legally required to consult on their improvement objectives and to publish an Improvement Plan by 30th June each year. Subject to approval, we will issue the improvement objectives for public consultation via our on-line engagement platform for a period of 8 weeks. During this time, we will work with departments to develop detailed actions, milestones and performance indicators and update as needed based on public feedback.  This improvement activity will be reflected within the Corporate Plan, committee plans or other strategic programmes, thereby ensuring that improvement is embedded within our planning and delivery processes.  A final report and draft improvement plan will be brought to the SP and R Committee for ratification and publication in June. 



SP and R – Draft Improvement Objectives for consultation

17th Feb 2023

Improvement Objectives:  8-week consultation

 Mar - Apr 2023

Services refine actions and PIs

Mar - May 2023

S P R Committee approves the Improvement Plan for online publication

June 2023

Publish Improvement Plan

By 30th June, 2023


            Financial and Resources Implications


3.5       There are no financial implications arising directly from this report. Improvement actions are programmed within normal business planning.


            Equality or Good Relations Implications/

            Rural Needs Assessment


3.6       There are no equality or rural need implications arising directly from this report.”


            The Committee approved the draft improvement objectives for 2023/24 and to their issue for public consultation in line with statutory guidance.


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