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            The Planning Manager pointed out to the Members that the application had been considered by the Committee, at its meeting in June, 2021, where it had been recommended that the Chief Executive use her delegated authority to approve the application, subject to conditions, and that the Chief Executive had subsequently resolved to approve the application, in line with the Committee’s recommendation.


            He highlighted that one of the conditions had been that the application would be brought back to the Members of the Planning Committee for final agreement, to include the outcome of a formal consultation and presentation of the draft Section 76 Planning agreement, before a final decision would be taken.


            He provided the Committee with an overview of the application and reported that there had been no changes to the design of the scheme since the Committee’s meeting in June, 2021 and informed the Members that officers had recommended that planning permission was granted, subject to conditions and a Section 76 Planning Agreement.


            The Committee were provided with further details of the application and heard from representatives of the Applicant and of the objectors in a restricted sitting of the Committee.




            Moved by the Chairperson (Councillor Whyte),

            Seconded by Councillor Maskey,


                   “That the Committee agrees to grant the planning permission, subject to conditions and a Section 76 planning agreement, and grants delegated authority to the Director of Planning and Building Control to finalise the wording of the conditions and Section 76 planning agreement.”


            On a vote, eleven Members voted for the proposal and three against and it was declared carried.


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