Agenda item


            The Committee approved and adopted the minutes of the meeting of the Shared City Partnership of 6th March, including the following:





·        To note  the high-level feedback from the public meeting on 27th February at 2pm in City Hall; and the updated process Stage 2 development of the Local Action Plan, including forthcoming Thematic Working Group meetings.






            To note the contents of the report and agree contract extensions for:


             i.     ArtsEkta for the provision of activities for Forth Meadow Community Greenway to 31/10/2022;

           ii.     Mediation NI contract for the Intergenerational Shared Spaces project to 31 March 2023 and

          iii.     the Good Relations through Sports contract with Active Communities Network to 31 March 2023


CYP Theme


·        To note the contents of the report and note that discussions with SEUPB have progressed and the further details presented as outlined in Appendix II Update NIHE position.


SSS Theme


            To agree:


·        That a request for a 3-month extension to 30 September 2023 is explored with SEUPB to enable the installation of signage;

·        The target audience for the SSS narratives publication as the local community and visitors to the Forth Meadow Community Greenway; and

·        The name of the bridge at Springfield Dam as the ‘Foundry Bridge’.


BPR Theme


·        BPR 1 - NIHE- Cross Community Area Networks


            To note that discussions have progressed with SEUPB relating to proposed mitigations and next steps


·        BPR 2 - Culture Unit - Creative Communities


            To note the quotation for an artist for the Short Strand/Walkway received nil submissions and therefore delivery of this project element is no longer viable.



·        BPR6 St Comgall’s


            To agree the updated Educational Resources and Exhibition Materials as agreed by the Programme Board on 9 February 2023 via delegated authority.  The exhibition materials (website) are to be approved, subject to SEUPB approval.




Good Relations Action Plan Q1 Expenditure:


·        To agree to proceed with the delivery of the Good Relations Action Plan 23/24 under delegated authority of the Director of Neighbourhood Services, allocating up to 25% of the total Plan until a formal Letter of Offer had been received by TEO.

·        Approve the increase in the allocation of Grant Aid under BCC1, to incorporate an additional £23,000 from the BCC9 Strategic Intervention Programme in order to include projects that met the objectives of the programme. 


Cultural Inclusion Programme:


·        To note the contents of the report and the activities that were being delivered during March 2023 as part of this project, to which the Members were welcome to attend.


Update on the Belfast Agenda:


·        To agree that the feedback analysis template relating to the Good Relations priority would be circulated to Members with a deadline of receipt  for feedback and comments  by 15th March 2023, to allow for papers to be prepared in advance of the findings being brought to the Community Planning Partnership in March 2023;

·        To note that community planning partners would be asked to make a nomination to sit on a group which would oversee the delivery of the action to develop an inclusive Belfast intervention plan to address inequalities and support the inclusion of Minority Ethnic communities and to progress the delivery of the findings from the Report, launched in December 2022, ‘Inequalities Experienced by Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Traveller people residing in Belfast.’ The Shared City Partnership would receive regular updates on progress; and

·        To agree that Ms. A. M. White and Ms. B. Arthurs be nominated  from the Shared City Partnership to sit on the above group.


Storage Costs for donations to refugees and asylum seekers:


·        To agree to allocate support costs to assist with storage for donations relating to the Northern Ireland Refugee Resettlement Scheme, of £300 for this financial year.


Supporting documents: