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The Committee was reminded that, at it’s meeting on 15th January 2023, the Members had heard deputations from representatives of the Friends of The Crescent (FoTC) and a delegation from those opposing the proposal to gate the park.  At this stage, the Committee had agreed to defer the decision to enable wider consultation to be undertaken with the various stakeholders.


            The Members were advised that, following the last meeting, Council officers had met with the FoTC and a group called the Crescent Park Preservation Collective (CPPC).  The Council had also liaised with the PSNI and sought its views on the proposal. The Neighbourhood Services Manager then drew the Members’ attention to written submissions that had been received from each of the stakeholders which had been attached as appendices to the report. 



            The Committee was advised that a late request had been made by representatives from the CPPC seeking to address tonight’s meeting of the Committee to outline their opposition to the gating of the park.  The Members declined to accede to the request, given that representations had already been made to the Committee in January 2023 and that the group, like the other stakeholders, had submitted a written submission which clearly outlined their position.


            The Members were also informed of correspondence received earlier in the day in relation to a possible public right of way through this public space.  The Members were informed that should they decide to agree the gating proposal that it would be subject to this matter being resolved.


            The Committee noted the estimated financial cost to the Council for the erection of the gates would be in the region of £60,000 and that the FoTC were willing to contribute £25,000 to the total costs of design, production and installation.  The Council would be required to contribute to the remainder of the installation costs, agree to adopt and maintain the gates and add the daily opening and closing of the gates to their existing schedule for other parks and open spaces in the same Council area.


            Following consideration of the report it was:


            Moved by Councillor Murray,

            Seconded by Councillor McAteer,


      That given the amount of work undertaken to try and revitalise the area, the Committee agrees to proceed with the erection of gates at Crescent Park.




Moved by Councillor Flynn,

Seconded by Councillor de Faoite,


      That the Committee agrees not to erect the gates at Crescent Park but instead to redirect the Council element of funding to animate and revitalise the area to help tackle the anti-social behaviour issues.


            On a vote, 3 Members voted for the amendment and 15 against and it was declared lost.


            The Committee then voted on the original proposal, in the name of Councillor Murray, to proceed with the erection gates at Crescent Park


            On a vote, 15 Members voted for the amendment and 3 against and it was declared carried.


            The Committee further agreed that a report be submitted to a future meeting that would detail the position in relation to the 24-hour pilot schemes previously agreed by Committee to be undertaken at Ormeau, Falls and Woodvale Parks.


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