Agenda and minutes

Venue: Lavery Room - City Hall

Contact: Mr Jim Hanna, Senior Democratic Services Officer  028 9027 0549

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            No apologies were reported.





            The minutes of the meeting of 22nd November, omitting those matters in respect of which the Council had delegated its powers to the Committee, were taken as read and signed as correct.  It was reported that those minutes had been adopted by the Council at its meeting on 2nd December.



Declarations of Interest


Councillor Black declared an interest in respect of item 3a – Revenue Estimates and District Rate in that she was Manager of Grosvenor Road Community Centre and left the meeting whilst this item was under discussion.



Consultation on Council decision to erect bilingual/multilingual external naming and internal directional signage in Andersonstown, Lisnasharragh, Olympia and Templemore Leisure Centres – Special Meeting pdf icon PDF 245 KB


            The Committee agreed to hold a special meeting, if required, on Friday, 31st January, 2020 at 9.30 am to consider the results of the public consultation.  The Committee agreed also, in view of the time within which decisions would be required, to the suspension of the call-in process.





Land and Property Services Presentation - Outcome of the Non-domestic re-evaluation


            In accordance with its decision of 22nd November, the Committee was advised that Mr. Stephen Fay, District Valuer for Belfast, was in attendance to provide a presentation on the outcome of the Non-domestic re-evaluation and he was welcomed to the meeting by the Chairperson.


            Mr. Fay provided the background to the review.  He stated that there were 74,000 non domestic properties in Northern Ireland, with a total net annual value of £1,1560 million, generating £640 million per annum in rates revenue.  He advised that previous revaluation had taken place in 2015, with work on the 2020 revaluation having commenced in mid-2017.


            He explained that a property tax system required frequent re-evaluations to be fair and to minimise excessive adjustments.  They were about redistributing the rate burden and did not increase nor decrease the total Northern Ireland rates revenue.  He then reviewed the outcome of the review and highlighted the Net Annual Value (NAV) growth and the changes, the growth by sector, that is, retail, offices, industrial and warehouses. 


            Mr. Fay then referred to the rate liability and stated that between January and March, 2020 the changes to individual NAVS compared to Northern Ireland and council averages would be used by Land and Property Services to give ratepayer an indication of their new liability.  He pointed out that the entitlement to existing reliefs and exemptions remained unchanged.  He concluded by outlining the key dates for the introduction of the new values.


            Mr. Fay then answered a number of questions from the Members and then retired from the meeting.



Restricted Items



            The information contained in the reports associated with the following 5 items is restricted in accordance with Part 1 of Schedule 6 of the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014.


      Resolved – That the Committee agrees to exclude the members of the Press and public from the Committee meeting during discussion of these items as, due to the nature of the items, there would be a disclosure of exempt information as described in Section 42(4) and Section 6 of the Local Government Act (NI) 2014.



Revenue Estimates and District Rate 2020/21

Additional documents:


            The Committee was reminded that, at its meeting on the 22nd November, it had noted the update on the development of the revenue estimates and the setting of the district rate, with an indicative rates increase for 2020/21 in the region of 1.99%, with a further update report to be submitted to the December meeting.  Accordingly the Director of Finance and Resources submitted a report in this regard.


            After discussion, the Committee:

1.     Agree that the following decisions should not be subject to call-in because it would cause an unreasonable delay which would be prejudicial to the Council’s and the public’s interests in striking the rate by the legislative deadline of 15th February, 2020.

2.     Agreed the following departmental and priority growth proposals, which were presented to the Committee at its meeting on 22nd November 2019 and amended following discussions at that meeting and party group briefings.

Departmental Proposals

3.     Legal Staff: £102,864 (Strategic Policy and Resources Committee)

4.     Zoo Staff: £64,147 (City Growth and Regeneration Committee)

5.     Waste Collection: £389,068 (People and Communities Committee)

6.     Regeneration Officers: £117,700 (City Growth and Regeneration Committee)

Priority Areas

7.      Inclusive Growth: £611,500 (Strategic Policy and Resources Committee)

8.      Climate Mitigation / Resilience: £611,500 (Strategic Policy and Resources Committee)

9.      Cultural Strategy: £394,491 (City Growth and Regeneration Committee)

10.    Community Grants and Managed Facilities: £329,636 (People and Communities Committee).  Agreed that the arrangements in place for independently managed centres would be reviewed in time for the 2020/21 revenue estimates and that in future years the arrangement would include an annual Consumer Price Index uplift.

11.    Agreed the use of the unallocated funding of £220,000 and that it be allocated to part fund the shortfall in the Community Development Grants Programme and that the remaining shortfall of £150,595 be funded from the 2020/21 Belfast Investment Fund allocation. 

12.    Agree to recommend the following cash limits for 2020/21 subject to the impact of the decisions made on items 3 to 11 above.


a.     A cash limit of £44,136,840 for the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee for 2020/21, including £3,270,000 for Belfast Investment Fund and £2,000,000 for City Deal.

b.     A cash limit of £82,852,276 for the People and Communities Committee for 2020/21.

c.      A cash limit of £17,267,724 for the City Growth and Regeneration Committee for 2020/21.

d.     A cash limit of £1,289,467 for the Planning Committee for 2020/21.

e.     A Capital Financing Budget of £21,774,022 for 2020/21


13.  Noted the next steps to setting the district rate outlined in paragraph 3.42 of the report.

14.  Agreed to setting up a Neighbourhood Regeneration Fund of £8m and to consider a further report on the operating framework following party group consultations and on advice from the NIAO regarding any such framework.



Proposed adoption of the Developer Contribution Framework

Additional documents:


            The Committee was advised that the Council’s draft Developer Contribution Framework had been subject to 12-week public consultation from August till November 2018.  The Framework had been revised to take account of the feedback and was now being recommended for adoption by the Committee.


            In this regard, the Director of Planning and Building Control submitted a report which included statistical information on the results of the public consultation; a summary of the key issues raised and recommended response; and a copy of the Developer Contribution Framework which was being proposed to be adopted.  This report had been noted by the Planning Committee at its meeting on 10th December.


            The Committee agreed to endorse the Developer Contribution Framework for adoption.



Revised governance arrangements for spending financial Developer Contributions secured through Section 76 planning agreements

Additional documents:


            The Director of Planning and Building Control submitted a report  outlining proposals for revised governance arrangements for spending both pre-existing and future financial developer contributions secured through Section 76 Planning Agreements.  That followed consideration of the original proposals by the Committee in August, 2019.  At that meeting, the Committee had deferred the report pending a briefing session for the Members, which was subsequently held on 11th October 2019.  The original proposals had been noted by the Planning Committee at its meeting in August, 2019.


            The Director outlined the contents of the report, which included an update on the financial contributions secured to date through the planning application process.  It also proposed that an Annual Monitoring Report on financial contributions was published each year.


            After discussion, the Committee:


                         (i)          noted the current position with regard to financial contributions;

                        (ii)          agreed the revised governance arrangements for spending pre-existing and future financial contributions secured through Section 76 planning agreements; and

                       (iii)          agreed to the publication of an Annual Monitoring Report on financial developer contributions each year moving.



Review of the Scheme of Delegation for Planning

Additional documents:


            The Committee was reminded that every three years the Council must prepare a Scheme of Delegation for planning which set out which decisions on local and minor applications which are delegated to officers.  The current Scheme of Delegation had been implemented in June, 2017 and was due to be reviewed.


            Accordingly, the Director submitted a report which had been prepared following a Planning Committee Workshop in October, 2019.  The report included a review of the current Scheme of Delegation and proposed that the Council adopted some minor changes.  The report had been noted by the Planning Committee at its meeting on 10th December, 2019.  


            The Committee agreed to the proposed changes to the Scheme of Delegation for Planning.



Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council - Consultation on LDP Draft Plan Strategy


The Committee was advised that Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council (LCCC) had published its draft Plan Strategy for public consultation in October, 2019, with a closing date for submissions of 10th January, 2020.  The LCCC draft plan had been circulated internally within the Council for comment.  The comments received related primarily to the following aspect of the plan:


·        Land Supply and Housing Growth;

·        Strategic Employment Allocations, including West Lisburn / Blaris mixed use site;

·        Sprucefield Regional Shopping Centre; and 

·        Transport.


            The Committee agreed to:


·        the submission of detailed representations to address the main issues outlined in paragraphs 3.4 to 3.11 of the report; and

·        delegated authority for the Director Planning and Building Control to complete the development and submission of detailed representations in respect of the key issues raised in this report to support participation at the Independent Examination of the LCCC draft Pla


Draft Resilience Strategy

Additional documents:


            The Committee was reminded that the Belfast Agenda committed the City to the development of a Resilience Strategy “to take a targeted approach to addressing those issues which had posed the greatest risk to the City and its economy.”  This was the first time that partners across the City had followed an established methodology, which had been developed by 100 Resilient Cities and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, to identify a range of acute and chronic risks for Belfast.  In publishing the strategy, Belfast would follow 80 other global cities, such as Barcelona, Boston and Cape Town, to publish a document aimed at future proofing the city.  The draft Resilience Strategy had been circulated for discussion and approval, and to enable a public consultation to commence in the New Year.


After discussion, the Committee approved the draft strategy- including the proposed areas of focus and recommendations, the proposed approach to ensure equality of opportunity, good relations and rural needs are assessed and the proposed approach to public consultation.


            It was agreed also that the primary goal be amended to include a reference to inclusive growth; and that the document reference not only the lack of housing in the city core but that it refers to the housing problems across the city.



Matters referred back from Council/Motions


Motion - City Tree Initiative pdf icon PDF 311 KB


            The Committee was advised that, at the Council meeting on 2nd December, the following motion had been proposed by Councillor McLaughlin and seconded by Councillor O’Hara:


“This Council has ambitious plans to plant over one million trees over 15 years.


However, it acknowledges that there are several sites across Belfast that breach current legal guidelines in terms of air pollutants.


Air pollution is often hidden in plain sight, but it can have potentially life-threatening consequences. Exposure to high levels of air pollution can lead to chronic respiratory problems and increased risk of developing cancer. Having access to clean air is a human right.


To reduce levels of air pollution, we need to reduce our reliance on carbon as well as finding innovative solutions to air pollution.


One such innovative solution is to introduce the City Tree initiative, which is in many European cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels and London. The City Tree does the work of 275 trees in 1% of the space. Each tree holds 1,682 pots of moss, which extract particulate matter, soot, dirt and other pollutants from the air.


This Council agrees that a report be submitted to the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee which will identify sites in each quarter of the city that are heavily polluted, explore the costs associated with the purchase of the trees and the potential public-private partnership in regards to the advertising space which comes with the tree, which could be used to offset the cost of the purchase.”


            In accordance with Standing Order 13(f), the motion had been referred without debate to the Committee.


            The Committee noted the motion and agreed that a report on how this would be facilitated, resourced and managed would be brought back.



Motion - Pridestrian Animation pdf icon PDF 306 KB


            The Committee was reminded that at the meeting on 2nd December, the following motion had been proposed by Councillor Garrett and seconded by Councillor Flynn, and, in accordance with Standing order 13(f), it had been referred without debate to the Committee:


“This Council recognises and values the huge contribution which our LGBTQ+ citizens make to the city of Belfast and beyond.


We commend the progressive approach taken by Belfast City Council in its support of Belfast Pride, the bid to secure Euro Pride, the illumination of and the flying of both the Rainbow and the Transgender Flags at the City Hall.


Building on this progressive approach and, as a demonstration of our continued solidarity with the LBGTQ+ community, including our commitments to create a city that is welcoming, safe, fair and inclusive for all, we call on this Council to follow best practices elsewhere throughout the world in the creation of permanent Rainbow Pride themed animation.


We call on this Council to directly engage with the Department for Infrastructure and other Government departments, where, in partnership with the Council, we create permanent animation at appropriate points along the Pride Parade route ahead of the 2020 Pride festival. This should include, but not be limited to, pedestrian crossing points and public realm points along the route.”


            The Committee noted the motion and agreed that a report on how this would be facilitated, resourced and managed would be brought back.



Motion - Homelessness pdf icon PDF 304 KB


            The Committee was advised that the Council, at its meeting on 2nd December, had referred the following motion, in accordance with Standing Order 13(f), to the Committee for consideration.  The motion had been proposed by Councillor Corr and seconded by Councillor Garrett:


“This Council notes that today, 2nd December, marks the start of Homelessness Week and acknowledges the fact that the right to a home is a basic human right.  It commends the ambition set out within the Belfast Agenda to build 1,800 social homes by 2021 and calls upon the Council to scope all publicly-owned sites and land within the city boundary, to ascertain their potential for building homes on them.  We support that public housing continues to be a priority within the Belfast Agenda.”


            The Committee noted the motion and agreed that it be considered in the context of Phase 2 of the Strategic Sites Assessment which had been agreed previously by the Committee.



Belfast Agenda/Strategic Issues


Delivering a Smart Belfast pdf icon PDF 264 KB


            The Committee considered the following report:


“1.0     Purpose of Report or Summary of main Issues


1.1       The Smart Belfast programme aims to foster greater collaboration between our universities, industry and the public sector. In doing so it seeks to develop innovative solutions to complex urban challenges while at the same time supporting local businesses to develop their capabilities in cutting-edge digital technologies.


            Smart Belfast also seeks to influence initiatives of our partners to ensure that their investments (whether public or private) can maximise the opportunities of digital technologies. The Smart Belfast approach has greatly informed the Digital Pillar of the Belfast Region City Deal and was an important element in securing this investment from Treasury.


1.2       Belfast City Council is now working directly with key partners to ensure that these digital investments will not only build the city’s resilience to technological change, but also position us as a globally significant location for private sector innovation.


1.3       This report provides a short update on a number of current Smart Belfast projects and seeks Members’ approval on a number of emerging opportunities.


2.0       Recommendations


2.1       The Committee is asked:


1.     To retrospectively approve the second-stage submission for the €7.5 million Hub-In Horizon 2020 project.

2.     To retrospectively approve support to the scoping stage of the £6 million Active & Empowered Community Innovation project (Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund).

3.     To note that the second stage of the £213,000 ‘Amazing Spaces, Smart Places’ project is now under way.

4.     To approve a one-third contribution to a budget of approximately £150,000 for the development of the BRCD Digital Outline Business Case(s).

5.     To note the role a proposed Digital Commissioner for Belfast and, subject to an assessment, approve a potential one-quarter contribution of approximately of £50,000 per annum for an initial two years.


3.0       Main report


3.1       The Smart Belfast programme encourages greater collaborative innovation between our universities, industry and the public sector. Delivery is through a project ‘pipeline’ which, during its first two years, has proven to be a powerful mechanism for attracting co-investment (eg) funding for the establishment of the Commissioner for Resilience, £100,000 for the city’s first Internet of Thing network, and over £150,000 for the development of a Business Rates tool which has subsequently led to the creation of commercially successful products by a local technology company. Members will find more detail on these and other projects at the Smart Belfast website:


            Members are now asked to consider a number of current significant projects:


3.2       Entrepreneurship For the Transformation of

            Historic Urban Areas (Hub-In)


            Working with six other European cities and the Connected Places Catapult, Belfast City Council was successful in a first-stage application to a €7.5 million Horizon 2020 project that proposes to work with local communities to develop entrepreneurial skills in relation to opportunities arising from the transformation on historic urban areas.


3.3       Focusing on the regeneration of the city’s maritime port and harbour areas, Belfast has bid for €700,000 to assist communities and local partners (including  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5a


Proposed adoption of the Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan pdf icon PDF 299 KB

Additional documents:


            The Committee considered the following report.


“1.0      Purpose of Report or Summary of main Issues


1.1       The Council’s draft Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan (GBIP) was subject to public consultation from June to September 2019. This consultation was in tandem with the draft Belfast Open Spaces Strategy (BOSS), which is being led by City and Neighbourhood Services Department. It is proposed to make some minor revisions to the draft GBIP to take account of consultation feedback prior to the adoption and publication of the GBIP.


            Proposed responses, actions and changes are set out at Appendix 1.


1.2       It is anticipated that the BOSS will be considered for adoption early in 2020.


2.0       Recommendations


2.1       The Committee is asked to


·        note the update on the draft GBIP consultation process and to agree to revise the GBIP in accordance with the proposed responses, actions and changes set out at Appendix 1.


3.0       Main report




3.1       The Council agreed to the draft GBIP for consultation purposes in June 2018. The GBIP is a high level plan that recognises the many functions, including for health, biodiversity and environmental resilience, of our green areas and water features. It represents an over-arching strategy that will guide more detailed strategies and action plans over time. These include the new BOSS, which was prepared in tandem with it. A draft BOSS was agreed for public consultation purposes by the Council in April 2019.


3.2       The BOSS, including the data collected during its preparation, forms part of the evidence base for the Local Development Plan (LDP). The GBIP also supports the LDP and represents supplementary planning guidance it once the LDP is adopted.


            Consultation Process 


3.3       Given the linkages between the GBIP and BOSS, it was agreed to undertake a joint public consultation exercise and the consultation questionnaire allowed respondents to comment on either document or both. Analysis of the responses to the draft BOSS is being undertaken by the City and Neighbourhood Services Department. Analysis of the draft GBIP has been undertaken by the Development Planning and Policy team. The consultation period was from 17th June to 20th September 2019, during which officers attended 6 events across the city to raise awareness and get feedback from a wide range of interests.


3.4       The events were:


·        Summer Rose Fair - Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

·        Sounds from Bank Square           

·        Summer Fun Day - Mount Eagles

·        A World Of Rhythms - CS Lewis Square

·        Summer Fun Day - Waterworks

·        Pride - Village at Custom House Square


3.5       Consultation was also undertaken with the Youth Forum and a group from Age Friendly Belfast.  At all events people were asked to fill in a brief postcard questionnaire on what comes to mind when thinking of green and blue infrastructure in Belfast how can we make these spaces better. A total of 337 postcards were completed.


3.6       During the consultation period we received a total of 96 detailed responses:


·        67 responses via Citizen Space

·        16 hard  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5b


Physical Programme and Asset Management


Physical Programme Update pdf icon PDF 329 KB

Additional documents:


            The Committee considered the following report:


“1.0      Purpose of Report or Summary of Main Issues


1.1       The Council’s Physical Programme covers over 150 live regeneration projects across a range of funding streams including the Capital Programme, Leisure Transformation Programme, Belfast Investment Fund, Local Investment Fund, Social Outcomes Fund and the projects which the Council is delivering on behalf of other agencies. This report provides an update on significant milestones achievement and progress on movements.


2.0       Recommendations


2.1       The Committee is requested to –


            Movements under the Capital Programme


·        Leisure Transformation Programme - agree to move the redevelopment of Avoniel to Stage 3 – Committed under the Capital Programme


            Project Updates


·        Fleet Replacement Programme - note the proposed new 4 year lease term for the Lord Mayor’s Car with the replacement of the current car with a new hybrid model 

·        Connswater Community Greenway - agree to the allocation of the additional £200,000 residual balance from the Big Lottery contribution to CCG to be included as part of the previously agreed legal agreement with Eastside Greenways and to note the arrangement for the Council to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with Eastside Greenways in relation to the management and delivery of an animation programme along the Greenway


3.0       Main report


3.1       Leisure Transformation Programme – update


            The new centres at Lisnasharragh and Brook have now both opened. This represents a major milestone in the delivery of the Leisure Transformation programme. These new facilities have received an overwhelmingly positive response from the media, key stakeholders and centre users. During the first week of opening, an average of over 100 members per day were joining the two centres. See Appendix 1 for photos.  Members will be reminded that dates for the official launch for both centres have now been agreed as 8th January for Lisnasharragh and 17th January for Brook. Members will receive an invitation in due course.


3.2       The development of Andersonstown is continuing on schedule. The new centre is due to complete in late February, with a view to an official opening in early April. Procurement of a contractor for the redevelopment of Templemore is currently underway and works are currently forecasted to commence in August 2020.


3.3       As of 1st December, Avoniel Leisure Centre is now officially closed and currently undergoing demobilisation. Members will be aware that Heron Bros Ltd will take forward the construction works at Avoniel with demolition works due to commence on site in January.  Avoniel is currently at Stage 2 on the Capital Programme.  Given that works are due to commence on site after Christmas it is recommended that this is moved to Stage 3 – Committed.  Members will be aware that £8million has been committed to the redevelopment of Avoniel under the Leisure Transformation Programme.


            Fleet Replacement Programme - Replacement of the Lord Mayor’s Car


3.4       In 2015 the SP&R Committee agreed to enter into a 4 year lease for the Lord Mayor’s car on the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6a


Assets Management pdf icon PDF 244 KB

Additional documents:


                   I.                  Dunmurry Station Footpath – Temporary Licence


            The Committee approved a temporary licence agreement between Belfast City Council and John Graham Construction Ltd for their proposed closure, use and part development of the Dunmurry Station Footpath in connection with the wider Blacks Road improvement scheme on behalf of the Department for Infrastructure.


                  II.                  North Queen Street Community Centre – Holy Family and Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Club – New Licence


            The Committee approved the grant of a new Licence to Holy Family and Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing Club, subject to detailed terms being agreed to by the Estates Unit and Legal Services.


                   III.               Plot 84 Balmoral Estate – Proposed lease extension


            The Committee approved the extension of the current 99 year ground lease to Killultagh Estates Limited in respect of Plot 84 Balmoral Estate to 125 years, with effect from 1 January 1975 subject to the payment of a premium of £5,000.



Finance, Resources and Procurement


Contracts Update pdf icon PDF 145 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee:

·        approved the public advertisement of tenders as per Standing Order 37a detailed in Appendix 1 (Table 1);

·        approved the award of STAs in line with Standing Order 55 exceptions as detailed in Appendix 1 (Table 2); and

·        noted that the Committee had delegated authority in relation to the award of contracts:





Table 1 – Publically Advertised Tenders

Title of Tender

Senior Responsible Officer

Proposed contract duration

Tender for the provision of Residentials for groups of youths on the PEACE IV programme (T2032)


Nigel Grimshaw

From award until 31st December 2020

Tender for provision of energy management services (T1991)

Ronan Cregan

Up to 5 years

Tender for Provision of Civic Dignitaries Car (T2031)

Nigel Grimshaw

4 year lease

Tender for the manufacture, supply and installation of signage (T1943)

Nigel Grimshaw

Up to 3 years

Tender for the supply, fitting and maintenance of fire extinguishers

Sinead Grimes

Up to 3 years

Tender for Consultancy Services to Provide a Programme OBC for the Digital Projects within the Belfast Region City Deal

Ronan Cregan

Up to 1 year


Table 2 - Direct Award Contracts (Single Tender Action)


Title of tender


Annual estimate

T1998 (b) - Tender for the Provision of Catering at Belfast Zoo


Up to £500,000 turnover per annum at the venue.



Brexit Committee – Commissioning of a Report pdf icon PDF 314 KB


            The Committee was reminded that the Brexit Committee, at its meeting on 7th November, 2019, had agreed the following:


“The Committee requests that a report be commissioned to examine the opportunities for co-operation in economic development supporting good growth, inclusive growth and to outline an ambition to a just transition to a zero-carbon economy and economic infrastructure that could be developed in an all-Ireland context.  This report should examine this having regard to relevant scenarios post Brexit or those that remain in play up to the date of withdrawal and also address the island of Ireland as a single economic unit.”


            At that meeting the Committee had noted that it didn’t have a budget and any expenditure would have to be approved by the Strategic Policy and Resources Committee.  The decision had been ratified by the Council at its meeting on 2nd December.


            After discussion, it was


Moved by Councillor Beattie,

Seconded by Councillor Murphy,


      That the Committee agrees that Council officers research the issue and bring back a report on how it would be developed, resourced and led.


            On a vote by show of hands, eight Members voted for the proposal and nine against and it was accordingly declared lost.



Equality and Good Relations


Minutes of the Meeting of the Shared City Partnership pdf icon PDF 279 KB

Additional documents:



            The Committee approved and adopted the minutes and the recommendations from the Shared City Partnership Meeting held on 2nd December, 2019, including:



CYP1 Tech Connects

            That pending receipt of information from SEUPB in relation to CYP1, delegated authority be given to the Strategic Director of City and Neighbourhood Services, in consultation with the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, to agree the approach required to enable a timely action to be taken.


CYP3  On the Right Track

            To note the challenges, affecting project delivery, agreed the revised delivery target for 2020 and agreed to request to SEUPB to engage more fully with the 3 main codes.


BPR4 Belfast and the World


            To approve a maximum of 45 people (40 participants and 5 support staff, including the attendance of a maximum of 2 Council staff) to attend the EU study visit to Ypres, Belgium.


Notice of Motion – Srebrenica


            That a programme be drawn up which would involve inviting suitable representatives to Belfast, as recommended by Remembering Srebrenica, to engage with a number of stakeholders about Srebrenica, acknowledgement and justice, and the importance of anti-prejudice work.


District Council Good Relations Action Plan


            To note the update in relation to delivery and spend and the following funding allocations under the Shared and Safe spaces themes


To approve that identified underspend of £23,000 in both of these programmes be allocated to the following proposals;

·        £5,000 for inspection and site recommendations reports for the provision of bonfire beacons

·        £5,000 towards an programme focusing on prejudice and marking 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide with remembering Srebrenica UK

·        £5,000 contribution to a significant piece of cross sectoral work to secure collective agreement on the strategic vision for the ‘clean, green and safe’ elements of work in the city centre.

·        £3,000 towards review of approach to supporting positive cultural expression

·        £5,000 to support the city wide initiatives which seek to inspire people from across the city to transform it for the peace and prosperity of all.



International Women’s Day 2020 pdf icon PDF 244 KB


            The Committee noted the contents of a report and provided an update regarding the International Women’s Day event, which would be held on 7th March, 2020.  It noted also that the Council’s funding contribution would be allocated to cover costs of a temporary stage and sound system for the public rally and a lunch for 200 participants in the City Hall following the rally.  The budget of £6,500 would be provided through the Gender Action Plan budget.




Equality and Diversity: Quarter 2 Equality Screening and Rural Needs Outcome Report pdf icon PDF 244 KB

Additional documents:


            The Committee noted the contents of a report which provided Members with a summary of equality screenings and rural needs impact assessment for Quarter 2 (July till September 2019).



Operational Issues


Requests for Use of City Hall and the provision of Hospitality pdf icon PDF 241 KB

Additional documents:


            The Committee approved the recommendations made in respect of applications received up to 2nd December, 2019, as set out in the undernoted appendix:






















































Compassion Belfast

8 January 2020

2020 Clearing the Vision – Launch of collaborative working across 5 Christian denominations to develop a clear vision for engagement with the Belfast Agenda.


Numbers attending – 500


B, C & D

No (Charity)

Yes, Tea Coffee and Biscuits

Approved by Delegated Authority




No Charge

Tea and Coffee Reception


2 February 2020

Herstory International Light Festival Reception – Welcome reception to mark the illuminate event celebrating women through history taking place at City Hall, pending approval at December SP&R.


Numbers attending – 60



No (Voluntary)

Yes, Tea Coffee and Biscuits


No Charge

Tea and Coffee Reception

Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

26 February 2020

Recognition Event to mark 20th Anniversary – celebratory event to recognise the achievements of the organisation over its 20 year history.


Numbers attending – 150 – 180



Charge £300



(Public Body)

No Hospitality


(Public Body)


Charge £300

No hospitality


Dementia NI

28 February 2020

5th Anniversary Celebration – celebration event to mark achievements of the charity over its five year history.


Numbers attending – 150


C & D

No (Charity)

Yes, Tea Coffee and Biscuits


No Charge

Tea and Coffee Reception

European Youth Parliament

2 March 2020

NI Regional Session of Youth Parliament - teams of secondary students debate and present their ideas and solutions on current topics.


Numbers attending – 60


B & D

No (Charity)

No (they provide their own lunches for attendees)


No charge

No hospitality

Dunlewey Addiction Services

5 June 2020

Celebrating Recovery – Dinner to mark achievements of service users who have recovered from addiction through services offered by the organisation.


Numbers attending – 300


C & D

No (Charity)

Yes, Soft Drink Reception


No Charge

Soft Drink Reception

Suicide Awareness & Support Services

6 or 13 June 2020

20th Anniversary Celebration – dinner to mark the successful work of the organisation over its 20 year history.


Numbers attending – 400


C & D

No (Charity)

Yes, Wine Reception



No Charge

Wine Reception


Labour Relations Agency

9 September 2020

International Labour Relations Agencies Pre-Conference Reception and Dinner – reception and dinner to mark start of a one day conference taking place in Belfast.


Numbers attending – 50


A & B

Charge £300



(Public Body)

No Hospitality


(Public Body)


Charge £300

No hospitality



British Nuclear Medicine Society

25 May 2021

BNMS Annual Awards Dinner – welcome dinner linked to 3 day conference taking place in ICC Belfast.


Numbers attending –150


A & B



£300 waived due to links with Visit Belfast

No Hospitality


No Charge

No hospitality



Herstory International Light Festival 2020 pdf icon PDF 337 KB


            The Committee considered the undernoted report:


“1.0      Purpose of Report


1.1       To consider a request for the Herstory International Light Festival for the use of City Hall façade and grounds for an illumination project on Sunday 2nd February 2020.


2.0       Recommendations


2.1       The Committee is recommended to;


·        approve the application for use of the City Hall for this unique illumination and projection event.


3.0       Main report


3.1       Background


            The Herstory Light Festival is an annual global event celebrating women and equality. The 2020 Herstory Light Festival takes place over Friday 31st January – Monday 3rd February 2020.


3.2       The 2020 Herstory Light Festival will feature a special celebration of Northern Ireland’s peace heroines and the United Nations Headquarters in New York will be illuminated in their honour.


3.3       ‘Women's achievements and struggles have been lost in the shadows for too long, resulting in global inequality and a regression of women's rights. That's why Herstory is harnessing the alchemical power of light, to celebrate women and equality, spotlight inequality, and create visions for a World of Equals.’ - Melanie Lynch, Founder of Herstory


3.4       The project will:


1.      raise awareness of the achievements of women in Northern Ireland

2.      encourage support for women in Northern Ireland

3.      inspire and motivate young people

4.      bring community groups together

5.      increase an appreciation for the role of the arts


3.5       Key Issues


            Herstory organisers seek permission to project portrait façade on the evening of 2nd February 2020.


3.6       A specialised company called Nightlight from Dublin will manage the project and linked in with Council’s Property Maintenance Unit in terms of the Council’s illumination system.  A special 10,000 lumen laser projector will be placed in City Hall grounds and a small crew will be onsite to manage the projection from 6pm to 10pm.


3.7       The portraits for illumination are the creation of artists, Belfast College of Art students and school children in NI. The artwork will cover the following themes: mythology and ancient goddesses; remarkable NI women from the sectors of science, arts, sport; ‘everywoman’ the unsung heroines of our everyday life- mother, grandmother, aunt, friend; and the NI Peace Heroines.


3.8       The final illuminations will be based on the quality of the artwork and the technical illumination process.


3.9       Renowned local artist Colin Davidson has confirmed his involvement with the project and some of his famous portraits will be illuminated and projected onto City Hall.


3.10      The project and event will be supported by a marketing campaign with public along with participating groups and schools invited to City Hall grounds to view the portraits projected onto City Hall.


3.11      Herstory organisers, along with Women in Business, hope to host a reception in City Hall on the evening of 2nd February 2020 to acknowledge the support and involvement of various group to deliver Herstory. An application for use of City Hall function rooms has been received and will be presented in the monthly function report for committee approval.


3.12      Financial  ...  view the full minutes text for item 9b


Request for use of City Hall by Belfast Children's Festival pdf icon PDF 235 KB


            The Committee was reminded that a request for the use of the City Hall was normally dealt with under the authority delegated by the Committee to the Director of Legal and Civic Services using criteria agreed for that purpose.  Occasionally, however, it was necessary to place such requests directly before the Committee, for example, for large scale events in the City Hall or its grounds and the following request fell into this category. 


            The Committee was advised that a request had been received from Belfast-based Young at Art, for the use of City Hall on 8th March, 2020, for the purpose of hosting free events programmed as part of the Belfast Children’s Festival 2020.  The Council had granted permission for a similar event in previous years.


            The event would be free to participants and the organisers estimated up to 500 people, the majority of which would families, would be in attendance.


            The Committee:


1.      Authorised Young at Art to use the City Hall on 8th March, 2020 for activities programmed as part of Belfast Children’s Festival; and

2.      Agreed to waive the fee for hire for this event.



Audit and Risk Panel Report and Minutes of meeting of 3 December 2019 pdf icon PDF 249 KB

Additional documents:


            The Committee approved and adopted the minutes of the meeting of the Audit and Risk Panel of 3rd December, 2019.



Minutes of Party Group Leaders Consultative Forum pdf icon PDF 194 KB


            The Committee approved and adopted the minutes of the meeting of the Party Leaders’ Consultative Forum of 9th December, 2019.



Minutes of the Meeting of the Active Belfast Ltd. Board pdf icon PDF 689 KB


            The Committee noted the minutes of the meeting of the Active Belfast Ltd. Board of 9th December, 2019.